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A new song

Hello folks, I just released a new song. First of all I want to thank musicians for the participation : Christoph Luschmann (drums, keyboards), Michael Luschmann (bass), Tommi Laine (guitars). Mika Hiironniemi for recording guitars and vocals and Christoph Luschmann for recording all the rest. The song has been mixed and mastered  by Christoph Luschmann.

You can find the song in my 'music' section ;) Enjoy!



Under the burning sun

The new single "Today" is soon ready. Meanwhile, some delays in the recording process have been inevitable, the drawer has filled up with new songs. New aspects of seeing the world have inspired me to find new approaches to songwriting. The horizon is getting wider, when you dare to leave the harbor.



Winter greetings!

Unfortunately, I needed to cancel my gig in Pori. I was about to have at least one in Tampere too, meanwhile I'm staying in Finland. Because there's always a lack of time when you need it, I decided to focus on my new release and take gigs later. Sorry for the disappointment! Enjoy the time of snow:)



Hello dudes!

Even though my page is still under construction, I’m releasing the first entry! The year 2011 was a year of change. My former band MAY had gigs ‘till the end of the summer and after that we decided to take a break.

Moving to middle Europe brought a lot of inspiration and also a bunch of new opportunities. I’m looking forward to see what’s about to happen. My new stuff is a bit different from what I have done so far, but there’s still the unique sound of mine.

Anyway, happy new year to all of you!